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What is TermeOstrog?

The complex is designed to enable and affirm the unique and unrepeatable visual aesthetic experience that will allow satisfying the various needs of visitors, bearing in the mind needs of millions of pilgrims who visit the sanctuary monastery of Ostrog . Functional units are:

  • Hotels apartment accommodation
  • Restaurant with multifunctional halls
  • Center of rehabilitation and relaxation

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Attractive location in an area of 76,000 m2

  • In the planning documents its provided for the construction of spa-tourist complex
  • The terrain with pronounced slope and provides spectacular views of the monastery Ostrog and the Mediterranean
  • Position represents a unique air spa caused by mixing mountain and sea climate
  • Location provides opportunities for phased implementation by merging the parcels, depending on the needs of investors and thereby enables the reduction of investment risk.
  • According to the laws of Montenegro construction of hotel and tourist complex with 4 stars are exempt from utility taxes
  • TermeOstrog allows different forms of religious tourism that must be articulated and branded: pilgrimages, renewal, spiritual needs.
  • The site is located along the main road Bar-Podgorica-Sarajevo-Belgrade at an intersection, the only place which road in the length of 4 km leads to the monastery Ostrog - pilgrimage shrine visited yearly by more than 2 million citizens of all denominations. According to statistics of the Ministry of Transportation of Montenegro, roads next to this site passes the tens of millions of passengers yearly.


If you want to invest in most attractive turist place within monastery Ostrog (third in the world by visits), contact us and suggest:

Radonjic Dragan (Niksic, Montenegro):
+382 69 041 229(Viber)