Where is Terme Ostrog area?

The Terme Ostrog is located along the main road between capital Podgorica-Nikšić at intersection to Ostrog Monastery, in the area known as Bogetići which belongs to the municipality of Nikšić. With two exits, location is affordable for both road directions.

The great Orthodox Christian sanctuary of Ostrog Monastery is only 9 kilometers away from this site. The pilgrimage shrine is a place of great sanctity, with more than one million and half citizens visiting it yearly.

The number of people who pass through this site every year is in the tens of millions according to statistics of the Ministry of Transportation of Montenegro.

Total area square footage: 66 582km2


What makes this location ideal for thermal, spa and healthcare complex?

Zeta river water sports

The spa&wellness health center Terme Ostrog is located on naturally beautiful grounds that are perfect for retreat and solving health problems.

The facilities of this location and the natural climatic characteristics are perfect because it's a meeting place for two climates. The Mediterranean climate brings warm, dry weather while temperate continental can provide more moderate temperatures with rains at times.

The average annual number of sunny days at this location is 266. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 9.3 degrees and the warmest August with 29.4. The average annual rainfall is 1998 mm. The relative humidity is 68% and the dominant winds are usually north to south.

Project location is surrended with magnificent mountain Ostrog, Bjelopavlići field and Zeta river what makes this location ideal for many activites like hiking and water sports.

Distances to landmarks

  • Ostrog Monastery – 9km
  • Podgorica Airport – 58km
  • Tivat Airport – 114km
  • Dubrovnik Airport – 119km
  • Old Town Kotor – 106km

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